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Re: Promotion Interviews 2021
« Reply #30 on: Sat 05 Jun 2021 18:11 »
Is it only me or does someone else detect a bit of a pattern?
Clattenberg suspended for a few months - comes back, and the rest is history (even ignoring the Ed Sheehan fiasco)
Coote suspended for reasons which never became fully clear - returns to SG2, gets promoted to SG1 and FIFA
Stroud - demoted after 2 years in SG1 - now at 51 being offered a chance to return (age alone makes this staggering)
Madley for the reasons well documented is sacked - returns and looks likely he is now the prodigal son
Drysdale suspended earlier in season - now being interviewed for promotion (at 50 too!)

Maybe a hint to all aspiring for promotion but not getting noticed - donít just be an ordinary, genuine nice guy towing the line, step out of line a bit, be a rebel and see where that gets you!

Incidentally do we know how many in each category will be promoted? I assume being invited for interview does not necessarily mean promotion is a certain.
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