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Re: Promotion Interviews 2021
« on: Sat 29 May 2021 08:24 »
Those names would certainly fit the play off appointments. If true, Iíd be very surprised if Stroud is promoted. Whilst not wanting to be ageist, promoting him at 51 is not going to be a long term vision for the future of refereeing!

Even though Mason is the only ref leaving the list, a sensible thing to do would be to promote 3 news refs and allow them to bed in. A lot of referees on SG1 are similar in age around late 40s early 50s and wonít continue refereeing forever!

In terms of names missing, Iím surprised by the lack of Robinson and Breakspear, but itís worth remembering these names are a rumour and seemingly have no other evidence than hearsay!