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Author Topic: A MADLEY - Tottenham v Man City  (Read 1179 times)

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Re: A MADLEY - Tottenham v Man City
« Reply #15 on: Mon 06 Feb 2023 21:38 »
I'm actually at a loss to know how to judge a refereeing performance.  It seems that the letter of the law can be mostly be interpreted to mean all things to all men and the spirit of the "game" is often unclear from the written laws.  For example where does law 11 tell us what the purpose (principle?/Spirit?) of the law is before it starts describing the miinutiae.  I would say ditto handball and even foul play (although I concede that may take a bit more debate to decide - safety is clearly an issue but thereafter how do you balance as a contact sport with using physical contact to gain an advantage?  Clearly the shoulder to shoulder charge is not the only allowable contact and intent, we are told, is not a factor so where does that leave us in understanding what the underlying rationale for determining what is permitted and what isn't - and does this change throughout a game?}

When the head of refereeing in England says that a decision was within an understanding of the written law but the "game" tells him it is contrary to what is expected,and IFAB don't see any need to reconsider the law them we seem to be in a mess.

With those caveats I felt A Madley's performance was OK when judged against the last 8-10 City games I have watched, I would probably only rank P Tierney's performance in our loss to Southampton as being more satisfactory.  The judgement on Tierney is quite definitely contra-Pavlovian!  On a hobby Horse of mine I think that the application of the law with regard arm to head contact is woefully inadequate and needs to be much more tighhtly regulated.

Football is different to most other sports in that a large percentage of decisions are always going to be subjective, and that is one of the reasons that VAR was always going to be problematic.  IFAB and national associations can always give guidance, but you will still have decisions that 50% of referees would give one way and 50% the other.  The only answer to that would be to say that any physical contact on an opponent is a foul, but I'm sure none of us want that.
All the more reason for referees to understand why they are applying particular laws I would have thought.
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Arbitre anglais

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Re: A MADLEY - Tottenham v Man City
« Reply #16 on: Mon 06 Feb 2023 22:18 »
Only saw the brief highlights on MOTD2.

Yet again, so much mass dissent. Obviously not particular to Madley, but definitely getting worse. Players sprinting aggressively, from distance to contest decisions, including (stupidly) ones which will automatically be checked anyway by VAR.

Thought Grealish simulated a foul for the RC - played the ball away and jumped into the defender (actually stamping on defender’s foot). Not sure what a defender is supposed to do in that scenario. Not exaggerating an actual foul, just inventing one. Easier with replay, but often think Grealish’s antics are obvious at normal speed - notice international refs have recently been on to him, often waving play on.
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