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Author Topic: Play Off Referees 2000 to 2020  (Read 4128 times)

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Re: Play Off Referees 2000 to 2019
« on: Wed 05 Aug 2020 21:49 »
With this season's playoffs finally completed, I have amended the list of referees for the playoffs to include this season's refs. Interesting perhaps how many of the current PL refs have been refereeing playoff semis and finals over a period of fifteen years, with Mike Dean refereeing his first final twenty years ago, although he has not featured in the playoffs for the past couple of seasons. Admin - could the title of this thread please be amended from 2019 to 2020, thanks. 

Play Off Referees 2000 to 2020

Div 1 Semi-finals – M Halsey, R Styles, B Knight, M Dean
          Final – T Heilbron
Div 2 Semi-finals – T Heilbron, M Dean, R Styles, D Laws
          Final – R Styles
Div 3 Semi-finals – D Laws, B Knight, M Halsey, T Heilbron
          Final – M Dean

Div 1 Semi-finals – D Laws, D Pugh, R Pearson, P Danson
          Final – U Rennie
Div 2 Semi-finals – U Rennie, R Pearson, D Laws, E Wolstenholme
          Final – E Wolstenholme
Div 3 Semi-finals – W Burns, E Wolstenholme, U Rennie, D Pugh
          Final – D Pugh

Div 1 Semi-finals – A Bates, R Furnandiz, A Leake, G Laws
           Final – G Barber
Div 2 Semi-finals – A Leake, G Laws, G Barber, M Dean
           Final – G Laws
Div 3 Semi-finals – M Dean, G Barber, A Hall, R Furnandiz
           Final – A Leake

Div 1 Semi-finals – M Clattenburg, A Kaye, H Webb, P Walton
          Final – S Bennett
Div 2 Semi-finals – H Webb, S Bennett, J Winter, M Clattenburg
          Final – H Webb
Div 3 Semi-finals – J Winter, P Walton, M Fletcher, S Bennett,
          Final – A Kaye

Div 1 Semi-finals – R Beeby, M Clattenburg, D Pugh, N Barry
          Final – G Poll
Div 2 Semi-finals – P Taylor, N Barry, G Poll, G Laws
          Final – R Beeby
Div 3 Semi-finals – G Laws, M Jones, M Pike, P Crossley
          Final – M Clattenburg

Championship Semi-finals – U Rennie, A Marriner, S Dunn, R Beeby
                           Final – M Riley
L1 Semi-finals – M Jones, B Curson, A Leake, M Atkinson
     Final – P Crossley
L2 Semi-finals – G Laws, L Mason, P Crossley, B Knight
     Final – M Atkinson

Championship Semi-finals – P Crossley, M Jones, M Thorpe, S Tanner
                           Final – M Dean
L1 Semi-finals – K Stroud, P Taylor, G Laws, C Foy
     Final – L Mason
L2 Semi-finals - L Mason, A Hall, M Dean, N Miller
     Final – P Taylor

Championship Semi-finals – M Jones, S Tanner, A D’Urso, M Halsey
                           Final – G Poll
L1 Semi-finals - N Miller, I Williamson, G Poll, L Probert
     Final – A D’Urso
L2 Semi-finals – R Beeby, K Stroud, G Laws, T Kettle
     Final – M Jones

Championship Semi-finals – M Jones, K Friend, H Webb, M Clattenburg
                           Final – A Wiley
L1 Semi-finals – P Taylor, A Bates, A Wiley, M Halsey
     Final – A D’Urso
L2 Semi-finals – P Armstrong, D Deadman, R Beeby, A D’Urso
     Final – S Attwell   

Championship Semi-finals – A Marriner, M Atkinson, A Wiley, M Riley
                           Final – M Dean
L1 Semi-finals – S Mathieson, C Oliver, M Halsey, N Swarbrick
      Final – M Oliver
L2 Semi-finals – G Laws, K Friend, C Webster, M Oliver
     Final – C Oliver

2009 -10
Championship Semi-finals – P Dowd, A Wiley, M Clattenburg, H Webb
                          Final – A Marriner
L1 Semi-finals – J Linington, D Deadman, N Swarbrick, A Bates
      Final – C Webster
L2 Semi-finals – A D’Urso, C Webster, F Graham, E Ilderton
     Final – J Linington           

Championship Semi-finals – M Dean, A Marriner, M Halsey, H Webb
                           Final – P Dowd
L1 Semi-finals – M Russell, J Moss, N Swarbrick, C Webster
     Final – S Tanner
L2 Semi-finals – S Mathieson, R East, K Wright, R Booth
     Final – D Deadman

Championship Semi-finals – N Swarbrick, M Halsey, M Dean, C Foy
                           Final – H Webb
L1 Semi-finals – A Bates, D Deadman, N Miller, S Mathieson
     Final – R East
L2 Semi-finals – M Naylor, J Adcock, D Drysdale, A D’Urso
     Final – C Pawson

Championship Semi-finals – N Swarbrick, M Oliver x 2, M Clattenburg
                           Final – M Atkinson
 L1 Semi-finals – S Attwell, G Eltringham, P Gibbs, N Miller
       Final – A D’Urso
L2 Semi-finals – J Adcock, M Russell, G Scott, A Madley
     Final – K Stroud

Championship Semi-finals – R East, M Jones, M Clattenburg, C Pawson
                           Final – L Mason
L1 Semi-finals – G Salisbury, I Williamson, M Russell, K Stroud
     Final – D Coote
L2 Semi-finals – O Langford, C Boyeson, S Duncan, P Tierney
     Final – M Naylor

Championship Semi-finals – J Moss, A Taylor, L Mason, R East
                           Final – M Dean
L1 Semi-finals – M Haywood, D Bond, A D’Urso, K Hill
      Final – A Madley
L2 Semi-finals – P Bankes, N Miller, K Stroud, G Scott
     Final – S Hooper

Championship Semi-finals – A Marriner, N Swarbrick, R East, M Oliver
                           Final – R Madley
L1 Semi-finals – P Bankes, D Whitestone, D Deadman, T Robinson
      Final – S Attwell
L2 Semi-finals – O Langford, S Martin, P Tierney, E Ilderton
     Final – I Williamson

Championship Semi-finals – S Attwell, P Tierney, M Atkinson, A Marriner
                           Final – N Swarbrick
L1 Semi-finals – A Madley, O Langford, C Kavanagh, D Coote
     Final – S Hooper
L2 Semi-finals – N Miller, D Webb, D Deadman, D Whitestone
     Final – D England

Championship Semi-finals – R East, R Madley, C Kavanagh, M Dean
                           Final – A Taylor
L1 Semi-finals – S Hooper, T Robinson, J Simpson, S Duncan
     Final – R Jones
L2 Semi-finals – B Toner, D England, G Ward, D Drysdale
     Final - D Webb

Championship Semi-finals – G Scott, C Pawson, C Kavanagh, A Taylor
                           Final - P Tierney
L1 Semi-finals – A Woolmer, O Langford, P Bankes, G Ward
     Final – A Madley
L2 Semi-Finals – C Breakspear, J Busby, M Salisbury, E Ilderton
     Final – R Joyce

Championship Semi-finals – K Stroud, G Eltringham, C Kavanagh, P Tierney
                           Final – M Atkinson
L1 Semi-finals – A Harrington, G Ward, D England, D Bond
     Final – R Jones
L2 Semi-finals – J Smith, M Edwards, L Doughty, C Breakspear
     Final – M Salisbury