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Re: PL referee of the season 2020-21
« on: Mon 24 May 2021 17:34 »
I donít watch many (maybe one fourth of the season?) but here is top 3 and bottom 3 imo.
TOP 3: Craig Pawson, Paul Tierney, Michael Oliver
Pawson had a decent season, maybe his best so far in PL. He took great full control of his games and barely made mistakes. I was looking forward to his breakthrough in Europe this season but it didnít happen. What a shame. I think he at least deserves some CL group stage games or a EL knockout stage game.
Tierney also had a wonderful season with great performance in almost every game. His calmness and the way he try to manage a game did impress me a lot. Itís a shame that he could not continue to be on the pitch after a halftime injury, sincerely hope that he can make a strong comeback next season.
After the fa cup final, I decide to put Oliver in my top 3 since he managed to ref a vital and also pretty tough final. His determination to award penalties, very few of which had been overturned by VAR, also impressed me.
Other refs like Andre Marriner, Stuart Attwell, Kevin Friend, Martin Atkinson and Simon Hooper are all well done and should be praised.
BOTTOM 3: Lee Mason, David Coote, Chris Kavanagh
Everyone knows what happened to Mason so Iím not going to comment any more. I just want to appreciate his contribution in PL for 15 years and wish him good luck in his new role as dedicated var.
Coote disappointed me many times this season. Very inconsistent in fouls and often gave random calls on YCs. Ive seen his good games and bad games but bad ones impressed me more especially FULvsBUR. So unfortunately he would be one of my bottom 3.
As for oneís capability and on-field performance, Kavanagh may not be the bottom 3, but he is mine. I feel so sorry for that but for a ref with fifa badge in category 1 who should be ready for UCL, he totally failed to make good impressions this season. Almost in his every game I observed, he made one or several mistakes and sometimes big one. Just get to know he gets championship playoff final, maybe this time you wonít let us down, okay?😢
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