Author Topic: PL referee of the season 2020-21  (Read 2178 times)

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Re: PL referee of the season 2020-21
« on: Mon 24 May 2021 15:02 »
For me I would go for the top 5 in order

1. Stuart Attwell - he has really began to well and truly make his mark in the PL this season for me he seems stronger more confident also his decision making has improved so much  and has improved vastly in the areas where he needed to and he has been rewarded with some very good appointments and excelled

2 . Oliver - seems to be head and shoulders above the rest his positioning is his biggest strength , the accuracy of his decision making is unbelievable infact his all round game bar one aspect is very good the aspect I think he needs to improve on is when it comes to penalties

3 Andre Marriner - does exactly what he does best referees with minimum fuss and is one of the steadiest pairs of hands rarely has any controversial moments

4 . Simon Hopper - a vastly under used referee who has had probably his best season in the PL so far heís been good improved but doesnít get the number or run of games that his performances have warranted I have placed hooper above Atkinson because whilst he doesnít get many PL games itís no fault of his own but his improvement in my eyes means he deserves 4th place in my list

5. Martin Atkinson -  I like Atkinsonís style and apart from Oliver and Taylor , Mike Riley seems to favour Martin Atkinson and itís not hard to see why he uses all his experience and maintains excellent fitness and has a good rapport with players but is not afraid to give players a stern glance if it is deserved

The bad news

Chris Kavanagh - I really donít know where or why it has gone so wrong for Kavanagh this season but he really has been a shadow of the referee that has graced us with some fantastic refereeing performances last season rather than build on he seems to have gone backwards
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