Author Topic: PL referee of the season 2020-21  (Read 2158 times)

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Re: PL referee of the season 2020-21
« on: Mon 24 May 2021 13:43 »
Was thinking about this the other day and quite honestly was struggling. 

For me, there was no stand-out referees over the season because of a general lack of consistency.  However, there have been some outstanding performances in individual games.

Of those that don't normally figure near the top of our rankings, I felt Friend and Moss had a decent season overall. 

Of the FIFA referees, Taylor had some very good games earlier on in the season but fell away rather towards the end.  Oliver had a sticky patch part way through when he was travelling a lot, but has been good when I've seen him in the last 2 or 3 months. Pawson has probably been less variable and has looked a safe pair of hands. The same applies to Attwell and Tierney, but Kavanagh has been disappointing for me in a few games and not pressed on as I expected. 

Of the older group, it turned out a mixed season for Dean after doing well early on.  I can't recall much about Atkinson - did he do much wrong?  Marriner as you'd expect was steady and probably more consistent than many. Scott and Mason not very impressive overall though.

Of the newer SG1 referees, I think England and Hooper probably impressed me most but Bankes and Coote looked decent SG1 referees too in some of their matches.

I'm sitting on the fence somewhat but would tend to agree with the names in ajb's top 5.  Whether in the same order, I'm less sure!!