Author Topic: O Langford - Bristol City v Stoke  (Read 419 times)

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O Langford - Bristol City v Stoke
« on: Wed 24 Nov 2021 22:23 »
I shudder when I see Langford's name next to a Stoke game, but where do you begin with this performance?

Stoke had their chances to take something from the game, and quite frankly should have. But they'll be aggrieved by some KMI going against them.

The majority of the talking points came in the second half. The Alex Scott yellow card on Mario Vrancic was a challenge that looked like it was over the top of the ball and endangering the safety of an opponent but Langford opted yellow for red. Vrancic was subbed off later looking to be carrying a knock.

The biggest argument/talking point was a turned down penalty appeal for Stoke. A corner whipped in goes right through to the back post where Leo Ostigard is rugby tackled to the ground, stopping him for playing the ball. the Bristol City defender (name escapes me) is facing the wrong way with no intention of playing the ball. Not sure how either Langford or the nearside assistant haven't spotted a quite blatant infringement, because it's a stonewall penalty. Not the first time this season this has happened to Ostigard, I will add.

The Joe Allen red card was correct. However, the manner in which it came about looked very weak. After the challenge, it's quite clearly a second yellow but the cameras quickly panned to Langford shaking his head, suggesting he was awarding just a free-kick. Then, when Bristol City players started to surround him, he decides it's time to show the second yellow. Yes, it's right, but the way it's come about doesn't look very good. It looked like the players were controlling the situation rather than the official.

The final point would be the minimum of nine minutes, which were supposedly added. Despite the Allen dismissal coming in stoppage time, as well as the ball being in and out of play, Langford saw fit to blow up at around 98:20. Maybe a new watch needed for Christmas?

While the result didn't reflect the pattern of play during the game, there will be a few qualms coming from the visiting side not to have at least had a spot kick awarded in their favour.

Hopefully tonight's fourth official Tim Robinson has a better day out in the middle at Stoke on Saturday.

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Re: O Langford - Bristol City v Stoke
« Reply #1 on: Thu 25 Nov 2021 07:09 »
Sounds like the usual performance from him then?

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Re: O Langford - Bristol City v Stoke
« Reply #2 on: Thu 25 Nov 2021 10:55 »
On the penalty incident, it looked as though the two players were grappling with each other to begin with but, yes, the Stoke player was eventually hauled to the ground, so a penalty should have been awarded. It was on the AR's side, so he at least should have had a clear view of the incident. Ironic perhaps that Langford should have overruled an AR who flagged for a foul in front of him last weekend. Maybe the AR at BC was playing safe! I would not read too much into Langford shaking his head at the sending off, as we simply do not know what was being said at the time. And there is nothing new in players surrounding the referee following a potential sending off incident, is there?
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