Author Topic: Martin Woods, Crewe v Mansfield  (Read 853 times)

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Martin Woods, Crewe v Mansfield
« on: Sat 24 Sep 2022 19:21 »
My first sighting of Martin Woods at Gresty Road and I cannot say I was over-impressed. A tall powerfully built man with the look of Stephen Martin but without the posturing. Most of his decisions were correct but, like David Webb and Tom Nield before him, he was inconsistent with his yellow card application. In particular, he failed to caution a Mansfield player who cut down a Crewe player close to the penalty area in the first half, and then proceeded to caution players for innocuous offences in the second half. OK, the Alex didn't deserve anything out of the afternoon, and didn't get it either, but it was a great pity in my view that the boos at the end should have been for the referee and not the players and management.

How old is AR Gary Hilton? With white hair, white beard and a stooping running style, he looks ancient, a bit like John Osborne of Ipswich, for those who can remember back to the 1960s. In fairness, I have to say he was faultless! 


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Re: Martin Woods, Crewe v Mansfield
« Reply #1 on: Wed 28 Sep 2022 11:47 »
AT,Mr.Hilton seems to have been going for ever.A bit like F.Cowen who showed great longevity.I suspect maybe Mr.Hilton has been on the list longer than any at the moment.
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