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Author Topic: M Oliver Liverpool vs Man City  (Read 2588 times)

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Re: M Oliver Liverpool vs Man City
« Reply #30 on: Mon 11 Nov 2019 18:15 »
This is a real dog's dinner.  We have Hackett saying VAR should have given the penalty but he makes no mention, and probably wasn't aware at the time, of the ball touching Siva's arm first.  Clattenburg says no penalty was correct but that the wrong reason has been given - Silva's handball should have been the reason, otherwise it should have been a penalty as TAA's arm wasn't in a natural position; and Halsey thought Oliver's view may have been restricted by Aguero but VAR should have advised a penalty.

Halsey's comments raised a question in my mind:  we don't know what Michael Oliver saw or thought he saw and whether he had a good view (I still think it wasn't the best angle).  But suppose he thought it might be a penalty but wasn't sure enough and therefore wanted VAR to look at it.  Could he have blown straightaway for the VAR check to avoid the risk of a breakaway and goal at the other end, which of course is what happened?  (If VAR had then stated no penalty, how would the game restart?)  Or, not having made a decision, is he obliged to let play continue?

Absolutely love this - despite my young age!!

Football used to be such a simple game both to play and to watch. Players got things wrong, managers got things wrong and officials got  the odd thing wrong and yet, we just accepted it all and played the game and enjoyed it at whatever level.

Why is there this obsession that everything must be 100% correct? Football, llike life, is just not like that and never will be, no matter how much technology is introduced. All that has happened with VAR is that it has brought into play even more opinions and, as can be seen from the opinions on this board, there will never be 100% agreement.

I used to love it when the referee's decision was final even if you didn't agree with it.