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Author Topic: M DEAN - Arsenal v Tottenham  (Read 1297 times)

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Re: M DEAN - Arsenal v Tottenham
« Reply #15 on: Tue 04 Dec 2018 16:19 »
Ok so I will reply , my tin hat is going on .....
I understand that I am absolutely in the minority and I accept that but surely a forum is for different views?
I think mike dean is a poor referee  and my reasoning is thus .. he is a very experienced excellent decision maker but in my opinion robotic , everything is black and white he shows no understanding of the game and far from being brave and not shirking decisions he makes the decision that will attract the most attention be that positive or negative, his demonstrative signals are all limelight seeking his strutting about ,waving players away  all in my opinion come accross as an official who is in the game for as much attention as he can get , now in my opinion that is exactly the opposite of a good referee , there is much more to refereeing than making correct decisions, the best referees communicate with players , manage them and seek to run the game with the minimum of fuss , mike Iím afraid appears to look for controversy . I will finish by saying Iím sure he is. A nice guy and nothing Iíve said is an attempt to slight his character I know many who change when they cross the white line , mike dean just does not referee in a style I like thatís it no agenda. I donít want to get into rows with people on here , this forum is full of strong characters who are very quick to Ďcorrectí people I have no axe to grind with any of you and would sincerely wish that we could all co exist with our differences, I enjoy the forum but will admit that at times keeping my views to myself would be far easier. Although a little early I wish you all a pleasant festive season.
Kind regards

I will let the personal insult slide .

I agree about his style nick and can see why people donít like him/his style. Surely the best referee is the one who - more often than not - gets the big decisions right regardless of his manner of refereeing. We all have different styles and mine is more lenient than mikeís but I donít agree he is a poor referee because he doesnít ďmanageĒ games as much