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John Busby - MK Dons vs Charlton
« on: Wed 15 Aug 2018 07:53 »
My first visit to Stadium MK this season due to work, and my first view of the new Tisdale regime, was better than last year but Charlton didnít offer much. Anyway..... onto the officials

Referee- John Busby
Assistants - Garry Maskell and Abbas Khan
4th Official - Carl Fitch-Jackson

Mr Busby only looked about 15 and his rosy cheeks made him look even younger. He had a good turn of pace when the game opened up in the last 20 minutes and seemed well up with play. There wasnít much going on, had a feel of a ore season about it all and he was never really stretched. Good clear decision making and looked as if he had a good relationship with the players, with only 3,000 people at the game I expected to hear him more, but couldnít.

The only two decisions that irritated Charlton was the first goal. They were appealing for offside, Mr Khan wasnít having any of it, the players didnít argue to much, but the Charlton bench wanted to find out why it was allowed. In he second half, Charlton wanted a penalty when Nicky Ajose went down, but it certainly didnít look like one from where I was sat.

1 routine caution in the 21st minute for a foul, and that was the end of that.

Not the most testing game he will ever have, and would like to see him again when there is a bit more of an edge to the game.

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