Author Topic: JEREMY SIMPSON Nottm F v Newcastle  (Read 904 times)

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Re: JEREMY SIMPSON Nottm F v Newcastle
« Reply #15 on: Sat 01 Sep 2018 22:14 »
No, but it is if you then follow through and plant six studs on your opponent's shin.  Would have been an excellent challenge 10 or even 5 years ago, but not allowed now.

He didn't follow through any more than it's physically possible not to and Forestieri ran into him with little chance of getting the ball. I'd prefer to see an honest challenge like that than Forestieri's cheating any day.

If that tackle is worthy of missing 3+ games of football, I despair for what the game is becoming.

My sentiments exactly Nemesis. There is a slow sterilisation of the game we love happening right before our eyes. Tackles which are deemed 'out of control' ---'endangering an opponent' etc., etc. are being penalised when players win the ball without a problem.
The powers that be say it is because there would be too many serious injuries etc., etc.
I played the game at senior level for almost 40 years, including many years at semi-professional level when I was in the Royal Air Force. I also refereed at a decent level and always enjoyed that. It was a hard game and, in the main, fair and we just got on with it and went for a pint afterwards. In over 1000 games I saw three serious injuries from the sort of tackle we see now being penalised by dismissals and they were genuine attempts to win the ball.
I too despair as to what the game is becoming.
Referee's decision used to be final!