Author Topic: D ENGLAND - Fulham v Newcastle  (Read 704 times)

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D ENGLAND - Fulham v Newcastle
« on: Sat 01 Oct 2022 23:22 »
No grumbles whatsoever for the red card to Chalobah and I hope he is sanctioned accordingly for ruining the match as a spectacle within 8 minutes. A good spot by the card shark at Shockley Park.

England had hardly anything else to do thanks to Fulham killing the contest dead with the said red card.

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Re: D ENGLAND - Fulham v Newcastle
« Reply #1 on: Sun 02 Oct 2022 09:34 »
There will always be inconsistencies and grumbles about what constitutes whether a yellow card was correct and should have/shouldn't been given and I accept this totally, but in the areas where VAR can intervene there needs to be much more consistency.

I don't have a problem with Chalobah seeing red for this (even if others have only seen yellow in the past for similar challenges) and in fact there's a petition from Fulham fans to appeal to the FA for his ban to be increased to 8 games. But in all seriousness, I will refer my learned friends back to Fulham v Brentford where Christian Nordgaard committed a far worse high foul on Jay Stansfield and only a free kick was awarded. Why didn't VAR intervene?


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Re: D ENGLAND - Fulham v Newcastle
« Reply #2 on: Sun 02 Oct 2022 20:09 »
I personally would’ve preferred England to spot this SFP on the field. He was 4 yards away with a clean view of the challenge, yet wanted to play advantage. To be a top referee, England really needed to spot the red card on the pitch. Glad the right decision was made by VAR.
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Re: D ENGLAND - Fulham v Newcastle
« Reply #3 on: Mon 03 Oct 2022 22:35 »
100% agree with @mattref, for England not to spot this as a red card on field was seriously dangerous
IMO, his reading of SFP definitely needs to be addressed, and I can’t for the life of me in real time with his good
Positioning he deemed that yellow only. Hence why he tried to play an advantage but player reaction was key basically the whole of the Newcastle team were charging towards the tackle …

Let’s hope Mr England is brave next time and pulls out Reds for those tackles. Because if he is being “pushed” because of his age as our next #1 Ref he needs to be sanctioning those as red on field.