Author Topic: Crystal Palace vs. Chelsea, Christopher Kavanagh [VAR: Attwell]  (Read 1059 times)

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Not DOGSO for me because of distance from goal and direction of the ball.  Ayu still 35yds from goal and would’ve played towards the touch line to get past Silva.  And not clear on goal with Chilwell central and retreating towards goal. 

DOGSO very harsh from that distance.


distance between the offence and the goal - too far out
general direction of the play - he was running more towards the touchline not towards goal
likelihood of keeping or gaining control of the ball - possible
location and number of defenders - other defenders on their way back who would have been in position by the time he reached closer to goal

Does not tick the boxes for DOGSO but does for SPA so yellow card & free kick correct by the ref & VAR on the possible red card review. Correct call by Kavanagh & Attwell.
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