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Author Topic: C Kavanagh- Man Utd vs Fulham  (Read 4855 times)

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Re: C Kavanagh- Man Utd vs Fulham
« Reply #60 on: Mon 20 Mar 2023 10:37 »
The predictable blame game has started, starting with Marco Silva who harks back to a game played in October!

Excuse me? Why should that be of any relevance or excuse for what happened last night? Or for that matter, Chris Kavanagh refereed the fifth round tie between Fulham v Leeds and no fault was found there.

It’s the siege mentality….not my fault guv’nor, I’ll use the easy scapegoat, the referee for the incidents that occurred.

I’ve seen the incidents now, and Mitrovic’s behaviour is beyond the pale, making aggressive contact with Kavanagh and then getting in his face when the red card was shown. Dreadful….and the condemnation for that is just and appropriate.

A word to the wise…..deal with the match in front of you and don’t refer to the ill luck or rough decisions you’ve had with a particular official months or years before.

“I’ll have a word with him” and “He should have had two penalties himself” were two more Silva gems. A ban will suffice for the manager and his player and this will act as a deterrent to anyone else who goes overboard….but the blame game that comes out in moments like this are risible in the extreme.

An example needs to be set….will the FA have a backbone this time and take the necessary action? We will see

No-one can disagree with your points or the red cards that were given and Fulham will have to live long with the consequences of these, however there is a lot of anger and hurt from Fulham (and some other) fans on social media about both the conduct of Fulham but also the apparent duality of things and the things that weren't given (in Fulham's favour). From these social media posts, we can probably discount a FA conspiracy for an all Manchester final, or CK's birthplace being a factor but why can't Fulham feel aggrieved at the incidents referred to in matches where CK has been in charge, when these are coupled with decisions in this match that didn't go their way? These previous matches (Preston and West Ham away) were why I was so aghast at his appointment for the Leeds FA Cup home tie as I really didn't rate him and as you will recall, questioned whether there was any process where a team could request not to have a certain referee. Thankfully, the Leeds game went without incident, but as you will recall again, I was quite shocked that the same (Manchester born for a Manchester fixture) referee was allocated for this fixture. I don't think the FA/PGMOL did themselves any favour here and should have mixed it up with a different appointment.

Whilst all the plaudits (and sympathy) are for how CK was strong and stood up to things, what about the the things he missed? I understand the need for another look at the penalty/DOGSO, but where was the red card for Antony kicking Robinson off the ball (it was Antony who then fed Sancho for the DOGSO incident) and where was the penalty in the 3rd minute for Fulham for a clear push on Mitrovic off the ball right in front of CK. (I only saw the replay/images for that this morning). Where was VAR for these things? Was VAR already daydreaming about his impending (forced) retirement when these incidents took place? I think Marco Silva has every right to feel aggrieved, even if his actions were still totally unacceptable.
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