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Re: A question of law...
« on: Mon 19 Sep 2022 18:32 »
See this is what I thought however when reading the LOTG I thought that it's possibly a IDFK from the touchline where the offence took place?

Dissent offences restart with IFK from the point of occurrence, so in that instance the touch line.

As others have said, if you have the opportunity to allow the game to come to a Ďnaturalí stoppage, then it is often preferable so long as the offended team isnít being effectively penalised by the delay.

Edit: if Iím correct in asserting more widely, dropped ball restarts are really only now for injury, referee struck with ball, offences against outside agents, and a match stopped incorrectly (I.e an adjusted restart for an incorrectly awarded foul). All offences by players/officials/match officials against one another have to be either DFK or IFK (depending on nature of offence).
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