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Author Topic: NBI season 2021/22  (Read 1788 times)

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Re: NBI season 2021/22
« Reply #45 on: Fri 12 Nov 2021 17:23 »
Our Federation President, Csányi Sándor has given a long interview with portfolio.hu, it's mostly business stuff about OTP bank & agricultural stuff but they did ask some football related questions.

Full English version article here

Among the matches of the Hungarian national team this year, the amazing match against the French, the Germans or even the English was on one side, of which we can be really proud, and on the other, the fan riots, racist scandals and the closed stadium matches. How do you experience this duality?

It is very sad that tens of thousands are unable to attend matches because of a ten of hundreds of disruptions, because the stadiums will be closed. The procedure for both UEFA and FIFA was very strict, overall I feel we would deserve a little less punishment. [Meant in the context of the scumbag fans being less than 1% of the overall fanbase] At the same time, it is true that there is a precise set of rules for disciplinary matters, which also limits the room for manoeuvre of disciplinary committees quite a bit. There is zero tolerance for racist and other exclusionary manifestations, and unfortunately, even a single act of a fan can result in even a closed-door punishment. We need to adapt to this, and in addition to pursuing this behaviour in general, we need to find a way to keep these people away from the stadiums.

The phenomenon is not new, but so far it has not been possible to curb it.

There are consultations in this case, we are planning to introduce a vein scanner in the stadiums, we are trying to support the identity of the perpetrators with documents and evidence in a way that can be assessed by the courts. The biggest problem is that it is very difficult to make a sound recording in a stadium, to prove who said what, but you can clearly see who is throwing, who is provoking the players with monkey movements, and so on. We have agreed with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner that we will properly identify the disruptors and that those who bring heavy punishment on the necks of the supporters and the alliance will be banned from football pitches forever.

Until we can solve this, it has also been suggested that we may need to close the B-middle, [the sector where the Carpathian Brigade are] despite the fact that there are also a lot of fans out there who behave in a completely acceptable way and add a lot to the atmosphere of the stadium, to support the team. But it would still be a smaller loss than if 65,000 chairs were empty in the Puskás Arena.

He then goes onto talk about Marco Rossi, possible changes to the number of teams in the NBI and his dislike of the top NBI teams filling their squads with too many foreign players at the expense of Hungarian youth & how he believes that is detrimental t the National Team.
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Hajrá Lilák. Csak a Kispest. Hajrá Magyarok! Hajrá játékvezetői csapat! Soha ne add fel. Nincs sárga kérem!!!