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Author Topic: NBI Season 2020/21  (Read 4005 times)

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Re: NBI Season 2020/21
« Reply #120 on: Sun 07 Mar 2021 00:04 »
Puskás Akadémia v Újpest
2021.03.06 - 19:30
Felcsút, Puskás Akadémia Pancho Aréna
Referee: Farkas Ádám
4O: Horváth Róbert
AR: Szert Balázs, Bornemissza Norbert
AAR: Solymosi Péter, Csonka Bence

Not the best of afternoons for Mr Farkas. He wore red & therefore #SolymosiWatch was in red which is always mega brownie points in bmbs eyes, however...

Things started to go horribly wrong for him in the 5th min. Bit of a thing between Kiss and Branko where Branko ended up stamping on Kiss' thigh. It was not a deliberate stamp, I will make that clear right away, Branko was up in the air and there was no way he could avoid a high degree of contact on landing. I do think he could have landed just on his left leg & kept his right leg raised a bit but genuinely don't think he realised. He looked horrified & shocked by it & was straight down attending to/comforting Kiss.  I love Branko, he is my favourite player but he should have been off. It ticked every single box for a straight red. He was given a yellow so was very lucky to stay on the pitch. Branko is a tough tackler but he is also a very honest player, and would never set out to hurt anyone. He has no nastiness in him at all.

Not 5 mins later Vincent elbowed someone in the face, again not intentional - my players have not all turned into vile thugs overnight, but he did recklessly throw his arm back as he jumped up & the Felcsút player behind him copped it right in the face.  I'd have accepted a red (grudgingly in lilák tints as a fan) let alone a yellow for it - he got neither. 2 errors in my teams favour, 1 definately a key match error, 1 maybe not a key match error but poor from a referee of his experience and standing. 

The next one was against us - a penalty.  Knezevic going in on goal, Banai pulled out of going in for a tackle & stopped about 6 inches short of Knezevic who jumped up in the air as if he'd been kicked and flew forward landing about 3 feet away! Should have been a defensive free kick and a yellow for Knezevic for diving. A penalty was given & Banai wrongly given a YC. It would have been on the blind side of AAR Csonka Bence, no way he could see if there had been contact. I'll give Mr Farkas the benefit of doubt here because it's possible from his angle it looked like contact had occurred. With the benefit of replays, which he did not have, it was a wrong call.

With VAR Lilák would have been down to 10, possibly 9 but not have had a penalty against them & we've only reached the 34th min!

The 13th min booking of Perosevic was spot on though. He took some Felcsút player out with his trailing leg. Yes he won/played the ball and he can whinge all he wants (and he did just that!) the fact is winning the ball did not negate the foul he committed while doing so, he should know this by now!  He was lucky in 1 way that Mr Farkas is quite chilled or he could easily have seen a 2nd yellow for dissent & would not have been able to, legitimately at least, complain about it! It did sort of feel a bit of a harsh yellow though especially in view of the Branko & Vincent decisions!!

2nd penalty at 45+1. This time in Liláks favour.  Correct call. Tóth clearly fouled Perosevic, it was a close call though, it was 1 on 1 and had Tóth held off for even just a split second it would have been Perosevic committing the foul & a 2nd YC for him! It was a case of who blinked first & it was Tóth.

So half time it was 1-1. Lilák clearly benefitting from Branko not being sent off after 5 mins, Felcsút benefitting from a wrongly awarded penalty. The Vincent one is harder to call, both a YC & a RC would have been justifiable, as it was in the centre circle a YC would have probably been more justifiable than a red but Vincent was reckless with his jump and to take no action at all was a wrong call. Not a game changer as much as the other 2 wrong calls.

Second half he was much better and refereed more how you would expect him to. A steady 2nd half performance. 2 bookings one for Nunes on 55 min & one for Kastrati at 90+2, both correct calls. Felcsút got their winner on 72 min, no-one to blame for that but Liláks defence.

Overall a 7.8 performance for Mr Farkas.  Shame, he simply had a bad day at the office. 2 key match errors in the failed red and wrongly awarded penalty and 1 big wrong call in relation to the elbow by Vincent.  That could be classed as a key match error if your view is it should have been a red, personally I think a yellow would have sufficed but to take no action was wrong. It was only his 2nd game back from injury and I feel he wasn't match sharp yet. I expect better from him & 9.9/10  we do get better from him. No-one is going to be more disappointed than himself with the first half.

On the brightside - the lovely Mr Solymosi looking mighty fine in red - that was the best highlight of the game!  ;D
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