Author Topic: NBI Appointments Season 19/20  (Read 4205 times)

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Re: NBI Appointments Season 19/20
« Reply #75 on: Sun 03 Nov 2019 17:27 »
A brief outline of yesterday's games before I get back to binge-watching series 2 of Murder Diagnosis!!  ;D

Puskás Akadémia 1-2 Budapest Honvéd: Solymosi Péter (Red shirt)
Absolutely superb game of football to watch. Thoroughly entertaining and the match officials played their part in that.  In terms of decisions there's none really to discuss, Mr Solymosi let the game flow naturally & rarely needed to step in. He did play one sublime advantage in Kispest's favour around the 40 min mark and went back to caution Knezevic of Felcsút for the original foul. The last 5-10 mins saw an onslaught on the Kispest goal by Felcsút and Kispest deploy several time wasting tactics! Tujvel (Kispest's goal keeper) was correctly cautioned for time wasting. The only other yellow was for Lanzafane (Kispest) for a foul. None I felt that were missed.

Ferencváros 1-1 Mezőkövesd Zsóry: Pintér Csaba (yellow shirt)
Didn't really watch this one, it was just on in the background. No controversies flagged up to me. 6 yellow cards - 3 a piece.

DVTK 3-1 Kisvárda Master Good: Berke Balázs (black shirt)
Battle down the bottom of the table & a much needed win for DVTK. Another thoroughly entertaining game. With the scores at 1-1 Berke gave a perfectly correct penalty to the home side for handball in the 62nd minute. With virtually the last kick of the game Berke gave the home team a second penalty, again no doubt with the decision. 3 yellows, 1 for the home team & 2 for the away team. Superb performance from team ref.

Kaposvári Rákóczi 2-3 Újpest: Pillók Ádám (black shirt)
Unfortunately our manager missed the game, as he was admitted to hospital pre-match. He has reassured missy bmb that he is fine & to stop worrying, missy bmb however is missy bmb and will continue to fuss & worry! Back to the football - a superb performance from this young man in his 3rd NBI game. Brilliant game to watch, the gaffer missed a cracker. 5 cracking goals. Only 2 yellow cards, both for fouls, both completely correct and both for my team! Team ref can be proud of their contribution to this game.

ZTE 3-3 Mol Fehérvár: Andó-Szabó Sándor (red shirt)
Top of the table v bottom of the table. Superb game of football. Can't say Andó-Szabó did anything wrong but his management style is not always the best. 7 yellows during the game, 3 for the home team, 4 for the away team. Nasty injury for Rus of Fehérvár which caused some delay & I thought was handled well by the ref. ZTE equalised at 90+3, leaving the teams in positions 1-3 all on 23 points! Fradi however have a game in hand v DVSC from MD1.

DVSC 3-1 Paks: Csonka Bence (blue shirt)
Excellent performance from this young man on his 2nd outing in the NBI. Charlie Bácsi was impressed with him from his view in the stands. Correctly awarded penalty for Loki around 30 mins in. Paks keeper saved but Loki scored from the parried away ball. 4 yellow cards, all for fouls. 1 for the home team, 3 for the away team.
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