Author Topic: NBI Appointments Season 19/20  (Read 4205 times)

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Re: NBI Appointments Season 19/20
« Reply #75 on: Fri 01 Nov 2019 13:37 »
I found out yesterday (bear in mind I've only been watching the NBI for 10 years!) that in the early rounds of the cup games the lower division team is always at home. I'm not sure if this just kicks in when the NBI teams join in in Round 6 or if it's also done when just (without being condescending) the little clubs are in it. When the draw is made, they don't do it 1st team out of the hat is at home and 2nd away, instead they get the pairing of teams and then the lower division team are made the home team and if the teams are in the same division then the 1st out of the hat is at home.  This is for 2 main reasons, firstly the home team gets the revenue so it's a way to ensure any monies made go to the lower division team, who like here, need it more than the bigger clubs but it's also the Federations way to encourage supporters to go along to non league and lower division grounds. Nice way to do it, imo. The latter stages of the cup are 2 legged (from round 9 - last 16 clubs) so each team gets a home & away tie.

They structure the leagues so that each tier of the game kicks off on different days/times. You could across a weekend go to a non-league game, NBI, NBII & NBIII game with no clash of kick off times etc The lower league teams never have evening games because they don't have floodlights. A lot of the grounds are literally a field - it's great!
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