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Author Topic: NB1 Appointments Season 18/19  (Read 1371 times)

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Re: NB1 Appointments Season 18/19
« on: Fri 03 Aug 2018 20:34 »
23 Jul 2018, 00:05 #6

I love the NB1 - absolutely bonkers start to the season!

Quick Not so quick breakdown: 

Puskás Akadémia V DVSC Result: 0-1
Ref: Vad II. István

Reasonable game from the red wearing Vad. He's not as bulked up as normal & there was no sign of his usual unwelcome arrogant swagger. 3 yellow cards all spot on, decision making reasonable & consistent. He did miss 2 stamps by Felcsút players but in fairness they were very sneaky & potentially on his blindside - I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Easy call for Ring György to rule out Felcsút's equaliser for offside. Game itself was dire. Also a good call from the AAR Bogár Gergő for a ball over the line incident - correctly called it wasn't.

Budapest Honvéd V Szombathelyi Haladás Result: 3-2
Ref: Berke Balázs

Excellent game from the black wearing Mr Berke. I like this ref. Lovely big smile and a lovely manner about him. I did cuss him at one point when he randomly stopped play and sent the players off of the pitch as I couldn't work out why - he was right to have done so, I have since seen the video of the lightening right above the pitch at the time! Sorry Mr Berke! 3 yellow cards all correct, 1 red card for Hali - correct. Elbow from Priskin & was a good spot. Decision making decent & consistent. Probably the brightest young ref we have right now.

Mol Vidi V Kisvárda Master Good Result: 4-0
Ref: Bognár Tamás

Not the best of starts from our yellow wearing number 2. Gave a pen against Kisvarda in the 12th min, I can accept the pen - just, there was a push albeit the tiniest push going but he also sent Vari off. Personally I believe he was conned by Danko, who has a reputation bordering on legendary status for being a snidey little drama queen who falls over like he has been shot if someone somewhere in Hungary sneezes and combines the fall with either a dozen or so rolls or flip flops about like a fish out of water - hence his nickname "the fish". I think Mr Bognár will be disappointed with the decision when he watches it back. The pen can be justified, the red can't, it was barely even a yellow card offence, let alone a red. The pen was missed. Kisvardi keeper then took out Scepovic, which was far more pen worthy that the one that was given & nothing was given. Danko managed to stay on his feet long enough to score... Excellent call from AAR Zierkelbach Péter for a ball over the line incident - he correctly judged it over & 2-0 Vidi. No other cards in the game & none were needed. Vidi dominated & I think it is already between them & Fradi for the title this year. After the poor start he did get back on an even keel & was much more the Mr Bognár we expect to see. Vidi were worthy winners & would have been even if Kisvarda had all 11 players, they are a completely different level & I don't think they even got out of neutral while dominating. Such a good team to watch, apart from Danko!

Mezőkövesd Zsóry V Paks Result: 3-1
Ref: Erdős József

I haven't seen this game yet. Waiting for the TV station to upload it onto their site. Mr Erdös wore black but judging by the press reports that was as good as it got! Missed a red card for a deliberate kick to the thigh although to be fair he was looking in the opposite direction! He had followed the ball so it's unfair to slate him for this one and I have to say he was badly let down by his team. Video here: https://www.m4sport.hu/magyar-foci/cikk ... ozeppalyas

Lovely bit of sportsmanship from Cseri Tamás. After a shot on goal there was a coming together between him & a Paks player, while Cseri was on the ground he knocked the ball with his hand before getting back up, starting to play before just kicking the ball out of play. He admitted his handball and apologised to the opposition players. For me the handball was on refs blindside & he needed help from his AR that never came. Video here: https://www.m4sport.hu/magyar-foci/cikk ... di-jatekos

Having seen both of these incidents I don't think blame can be attributed to Mr Erdős and I think the press might be being too harsh on him. I believe his team let him down for both incidents.

Ferencvárosi TC V DVTK Result: 4-1
Ref: Andó-Szabó Sándor

What a cracking game! Fradi were dreadful midweek in the EL but today they were absolute class. DVTK were dreadful to put it mildly! Fradi just about got into 1st gear & completely dominated. I think he called the yellow on Gorrian wrong. He went down in the box, wasn't a pen for me & none was correctly given, imo but he booked Gorrian for diving. It wasn't a dive either, the DVTK defender did catch him with his knee, accidentally. I think he will be disappointed when he sees it back. 1st goal was an own goal, 2nd goal was a sweet strike. DVTK pulled one back on the stroke of half time. They'd barely kicked off again in the TAO and their defence were just complete idiots, gave away a cheap, unnecessary & stupid pen. Pen was saved but Varga scored from the rebound to make it 3-1 at half time. 5 yellows in total - I agree with 4 of them. Aside of that 1 decision I thought he had a decent enough game despite wearing yellow!

Újpest V MTK Budapest Result: 0-2
Ref: Kassai Viktor

Excellent start to the season for our black wearing number 1. Thank you Mr K for "nincs sárga"  You may have your #1 spot back - Mr Solymosi has now worn yellow in 5/6 games & is therefore no longer worthy of being #1!!! From a fan point of view that was as good as it got!

My team were utterly dreadful & that is being kind! Some pretty stuff in the middle of the park, very little up front & I think our defence took the day off  Our beautiful manager ripped into the players in his post match interview, said they were arrogant after the midweek EL win, were disrespectful to the opposition by thinking they would win just by turning up, didn't put any effort in & was clearly furious with them. That is very significant when I now turn to talk about 6 match incidents - 4 of which were game changing & 5 of which were right!

Incident #1 - At 1-0 down after some dreadful defending saw MTK waltz through like a knife in soft butter and slot home. Branko was given a red card in the 59th min. Correct call, the tackle itself from Branko was fine but as he got up he trod on the MTK players thigh. Not convinced it was deliberate but it was certainly reckless & Mr Kassai had no choice but to send him off. Branko knew, he walked straight off and you could tell by his expression he knew it was stupid on his part, he looked thoroughly ashamed as he walked past our bench. We went the whole of last season & maybe even the season before without a red! Correct game changing call.

Incident #2 - Lilák equaliser quite correctly ruled out for offside by Zsolt Varga. 3 players in an offside position when the ball was played, Soma being one & Varga's flag went up the second Soma touched the ball. Correct game changing call.

Incident #3 - Bognár had a shot on goal. Kassai looked to be setting up his position for a goal kick but then signalled a corner. I suspect he was told by Molnár Attila, the AAR it was a corner. It was a completely wrong call, neither defender that it whizzed past touched it & it went right through our keepers legs & he didn't touch it either. At no time did the ball deviate from it's original course and the AAR has made an incorrect assumption that Pajovic touched it. Thankfully it had no bearing on the game. That corner went out for another corner and Pajovic held onto the ball after the 2nd one and away we went again. Had they have scored from either corner it would have been a bad game changer, thankfully they didn't.

Incident #4 - 2 great non calls from him in the space of about 15 seconds. MTK player went on a run got past 1 defender with a shoulder to shoulder challenge, good non call 1 as he went down as he passed the ball to a team mate, that player then carried on the run & there was a great tackle from Burekovic I think, MTK player went down looking for a free kick but Mr K waved play on. Excellent non call right on the edge of the box. Just to add to this - play had broken very quickly from the opposite end of the pitch & he set the Hungarian press twitter chat alight with his absolutely epic sprint - not one of them could believe the speed at which he got up that pitch, players who chased after the play with him were 20-30 yards behind him. He'd have left Usain Bolt standing with that one!

Incident #5 & #6 - Player stupidity at it's finest! He might just as well have taken Mr K's red out of his pocket himself. Stupid, stupid tackle, reckless, stupid and completely unnecessary. Easy call for Mr K for the 2nd red card of the day & equally as easy for the completely correct penalty given. Did I mention yet how stupid the player was...  2 x correct game changing calls.

Only 1 other card & that was a yellow for Diallo who stupidly talked himself into the book.

He undeservedly left the pitch to a whole heap of vile abuse from the home fans. The one bit I was unable to translate was translated for me by one of the press guys & I suspect if he heard it or the authorities heard it we will get a 300-500K forint fine for that alone - horrific. Add on probably about a 1million forint fine for the abuse of the opposition & possibly yet another stadium ban for the fans. Dreadful day as a fan all round.

Mr Kassai can however be very pleased with his performance - 5 huge calls from him & he got every single one correct. Absolutely outstanding performance.

I will add I am delighted that our manager remained classy & respectful, there are several who would have spent the whole post match interview slating and blaming the ref despite the decisions being correct. Nebojša didn't, he didn't mention him at all and instead put the blame on the dreadful performance by the team right where it belonged - with the players who let him down.
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