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Re: Ireland 2021 Appointments
« Reply #15 on: Sat 22 May 2021 00:44 »
It's mad but I think Hennessy is the best of a bad lot.. I know I'm critical a bit, but when you are watching them every week, they don't seem to learn from their mistakes.. He gave three penalties in a Dublin derby tonight and two of them were more than questionable.. he gave the winning one in the 92nd minute, which was probably right..

I actually think Paul McLaughlin and Neil Doyle are good referees, with the latter on his day the best we have.. I can't have Rob Harvey at all.. His arrogance gets me..

Damien MacGraith is the same man who was assistant to William Collum - a much better assistant than referee. Michelle O'Neill is probably the best assistant we have.. Allen Lynch and Emmet Dynan pair with each other a lot.. they ain't bad.. I like Darragh Keegan and Wayne McDonnell as well.. Good assistants..
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