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Re: Sat 20th – Tue 23rd NOV 2021
« on: Thu 18 Nov 2021 20:36 »
Tom Reeves takes charge of the battle of the Rovers and an unfamiliar referee for my first visit to the Memorial Ground. He seemed to be viewed favourably by JCFC in a report from 2019, joined the FL list this season. Anyone seen Mr Reeves in action more recently?

Yes, Boz, I saw Tom Reeves in action last week (Wed 10th Nov) in the Walsall v Forest Green EFL Trophy match.

Can’t recall many debateable decisions or key match incidents so probably not the best game to judge him on but he can only referee what is in front of him and (to my eyes) had a decent game.

Kept up with play well, clear verbal instructions and signals, seemed to talk to players too rather than appearing aloof or trying to referee solely with his cards.

Saying that, 6 cautions may seem a lot from a not very physical game however most, if not all, were warranted - late tackles, shirt pulling after a player had gone past etc. You could argue some were the sort where maybe if he had let 1 or 2 go then another couple wouldn't have been yellows either but on the other hand you could argue he was being consistent.

Although some have set a very low bar, I would say Mr Reeves certainly had one of the better games I’ve seen a referee have at Walsall so far this season, along with Kettle 😳 😉 and Hicks.

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