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Re: Sat 16th Tue 19th JAN 2021
« Reply #30 on: Wed 20 Jan 2021 14:40 »
On the subject of 'card sharks' I think I know why Mr Purkiss is high on the list.

Mr Purkiss decided to manage the game at Peterborough last night by letting a number of mandatory cautions go early on.

This led to players of both sides taking the law into their own hands with some nasty tackles as there appeared no sanction.

In fact their where more cautions for dissent in the first half as players and management became very frustrated.

Game management is all well and good, but allowing players to kick lumps out of each other before deciding to caution isnt .

Second half he resorted to cautions but this was way too late and very inconsistent with what had happened before

How Charlton's Pratley wasn't cautioned until the 90th minute I'll never know and Posh's Hamilton was very lucky.

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Re: Sat 16th Tue 19th JAN 2021
« Reply #31 on: Wed 20 Jan 2021 15:33 »
I was fortunate enough to be in the ground for this game.  It was one of the most entertaining I have seen for ages despite little goalmouth action.  Charlton's game plan was based around a high intensity press and they did it superbly.  When they couldn't tackle fairly they did it illegally and when they didn't like the outcome they moaned.  Boy did they moan.  Who would have thought a Lee Bowyer team would play like that!  They did it well but seemed to run out of steam on a very heavy pitch and a change of formation from Posh at that point exploited them to come from behind to win.

The problem for Sam Purkiss, in a very challenging game, was not the nasty tackles (although there were some from both sides) but the failure to address persistent fouling.  Darren Pratley in particular must be a smooth talker but Jake Forster-Caskey was allowed too many before he made it into the notebook.  The early penalty to Charlton was correct and given from an excellent position after a grapple by Ethan Hamilton.  Hamilton went on to commit many fouls, including one clearly in retribution for a previous tackle, without sanction before being wisely withdrawn.  Mr Purkiss also failed to sanction one clear yellow card offence by Charlton for breaking up a promising attack when, to my eye, he lost the offender (as did I!).  Chuks Aneke was very fortunate to escape a red card for a flailing arm - no foul was detected by Mr Purkiss or his well-placed assistant Damith Bandara.  Darren Ferguson received a yellow card for dissent when he came down from his place in the stand to berate the fourth official, Paul Evans.  He was fortunate not to to get another when his response to the card was audible all round the ground.  Time-wasting was insufficiently policed as was the not-so-surreptitious kicking away of the ball.  Throw ins were generally taken from anywhere as long as it was on the correct side of the ground apart from one occasion where Mr Purkiss, at great length, pushed the player all the way back to his own corner flag (correctly) before ignoring him stealing ten yards before he released it.

A cracking evening.  If there had been a crowd it would have been a real bear-pit and I would have been astonished if we had ended up with 22 players on the pitch.  I rather suspect if the game had been refereed to the book it wouldn't have been half as entertaining.   :-\

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Re: Sat 16th Tue 19th JAN 2021
« Reply #32 on: Fri 22 Jan 2021 15:41 »
Full marks to Morecambe and Walsall for completing their L2 game on Tuesday despite weather conditions that were extreme to put it mildly. From what I could see on the Quest highlights, which was not much, Salisbury Sr was in charge and whether it was a penalty.....who knows?  :-X