Author Topic: The Emirates FA Cup Second Round Proper (Fri 29th NOV Tue 17th DEC 2019)  (Read 2875 times)

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Wonder if Kettle will get a third round game given this is surely his last year! 👀👀

If he does, I think we can take it that it will not be the Mersey derby  ;D

Seriously, FL refs do feature at the 3rd round stage but only in games involving two L1, L2 or NL sides. Fleetwood v Portsmouth or Burton v Northampton are possibilities or one of the games TBC following 2nd replays. I will not however be putting Mrs AT's housekeeping money on this one.

Dean Whitestone was appointed to Accrington vs Ipswich last season.

Admittedly Ipswich were Championship in name only at that stage and Whitestone was on the national list. Ipswich and Whitestone headed in opposite directions at the end of the season.
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