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Re: Thoughts on the new forum...
« on: Wed 29 Aug 2018 21:05 »
Quite a separate issue: when I go onto an ongoing topic or a topic I have seen and there are new posts, how do I make it so it loads the topics from the unread posts rather than having to go through the topics again and again?

Click on the word new and it will take you to the first new post. I've not found anything in the admin area to get it to open at that point automatically but I discovered yesterday after getting sick of scrolling through 20 posts to find the new ones that just clicking the word new takes you directly to them!

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Another trick - as quoting or using the quick reply does not show the emojis if you click on preview then it takes you to the full reply view and you can use the emojis! I was posting and then editing to use them until I found that one out! Clicking on the big smiley face under the standard emojis brings up better ones as well. I've not worked out yet how to get custom ones added but will keep looking!

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