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Re: Thoughts on the new forum...
« on: Fri 24 Aug 2018 07:26 »
Very happy with the new forum. It's simple to use, easy to understand. One thing I haven't found is a facility to edit posts... unless I'm being less than observant on the screen!

That might be due to a change in settings because you were a veteran on the old forum. I'll set up a seperate members group on here for those who were in the veterans group at the old home, add those members to it & give the increased facilities back to you all over the next day or 2.  It's doesn't say edit here, it says modify & is on the top right hand side of a post next to quote, on my screen anyway!

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Yes, very happy with the new site; easy to navigate and very similar to the old site.

However, I too have a problem with the 'edit' function; only 'quote' appears in the far right of the screen , no reference to modify, remove or anything else. Can you please advise me ?.  Edit is a valuable function to correct errors after posting and to alter PAR predictions when necessary.

Many thanks to all admin for your considerable efforts in bringing this new site to fruition !!.

****** Thank you, I now have the 'modify' option on screen ******
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